The Obed Foundation was founded in the spring of 2014 with the aim of realizing a family home in Ghimbav, Romania. Ultimately, the wish is to receive approximately 6-8 abandoned children in a family situation here. At the moment, three children are permanently admitted to this family home, and one child is also cared for during the weekends.

By means of our family home, and our caring volunteers, we hope to reach the local community to follow and provide a (temporary) home for abandoned children in their own families. This will ultimately provide more children to grow up in a loving family.

The name Obed is a Biblical name and means "servant". The foundation aims to provide a serving role by financially supporting Danny and Rianne, who lead the family home. The OBED Foundation therefore focusses mainly on fundraising.

The family house has been named Casa Nadina. Casa means house, Nadina means hope. The name also embraces the objective of the Obed Foundation to provide a hopeful future for children in a safe home.

Expanding facilities

In the upcoming year, the foundation has their biggest financial challenge to date: the purchase of the existing family house, and the realization of an expansion to it. In the current situation it is simply impossible to achieve our goal of housing 6-8 children as the family home lacks physical space to accommodate them.
Building the future

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In January 2019, the foundation has started the recruitment of funds for the purchase and renovation of the property.

Your contribution is essential for these children to give shelter, care and special medical facilities so that they can grow up in a normal way. The foster children will be additionally supported to live independently.

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