The board

Management Functions

As of October 1, 2018, the Board of Foundation Obed two new board members. Dick Verlaan as chairman and Petra Kleijn as secretary. Together with Daan Klomp, they remain constrained treasurer, they will shape the foundation.

The board members do this on a voluntary basis.

Dick Verlaan

In the summer of 2018, I, together with the youth of the roof construction and renovated the entire top floor of the house. That was my first contact and immediately I was touched to see how happy the children were left in the family home because they've got a loving place.

When I was asked to serve on the board, I said yes almost immediately.

Petra Kleijn-Stuij

Become excited by all the stories about Obed Foundation and the work of Danny Rianne and I joined in the spring of 2018 of the board.

In November '18, I first visited the family home. With my own eyes to see how much love, warmth and hope for the foster children! A better incentive to do the work of the foundation is not there!

Daan Klomp

In 2014 I became involved in the work and Rianne Danny wanted to perform in Romania. Inspired by the work they do there I signed as treasurer for Obed Foundation.

It is beautiful from the board to support the great work in Romania.

Danny & Rianne

The family home is currently led by Danny and Rianne Kommer. They are in 2014 from Heerde moved to Ghimbav, Romania. For more information about Danny and Rianne and their motivation to do this work you can go to the website Danny and Rianne