Building the future

An amount of € 200,000.00 is required for the renovation and realization of expansion by new construction. To raise this amount, the board will start up new sponsor campaigns.

Companies, foundations, denominations and individuals will be addressed. The course and result of our fundraising activity will be portrayed on the website. In addition, we will continue to search for a wider group of regular contributors to cover the monthly recurring expenditure. The board focuses on a personal approach.
If money is needed for special expenses a specific separate fundraiser will be is started.

Management and utilization of capacity
For asset management, three bank accounts have been opened in the name of the foundation:
- a checking account for general use;
- a savings account to put money away when it is not used directly; and
- a bank account with a debit card for Danny and Rianne Kommer to use in Romania for approved expenses within limits set by the board.
use approved expenses within limits set by the board.

The foundation's financials are invested in a risk-averse setup, this means the following: The foundation will have complete disposal of the funds, and the funds will be transferred to a Dutch bank.

Also, the board will, if this is desirable or necessary in its opinion, audit the site in Romania to determine whether the granted funds and resources are actually spent on the intended goals. The foundation can be represented by a delegate appointed by the board, who will report results back to the Board.

Spending power
The funds of the Foundation will be spent on achieving the set goals. Given that the acquisition, expansion and renovation of the family home and grounds requires an estimated amount of € 300.000,- the Foundation transfers funds to the savings account of the foundation until the required amount is raised and the purchase of the family home can be completed.
The board focuses on the renovation and expansion of the property purchased in 2019 with land.

The Board has prepared a budget for three years.

Budget 2020-2022 2020 2021 2022
Result -3,750 124,250 39,250
Income own fundraising 35,000 160,000 75,000
Income third-party campaigns 6,000 7,000 7,000
interest income - - -
41,000 167,000 82,000
Spent on objective 42,000 40,000 40,000
Costs own fundraising 2,000 2,000 2,000
cost management and administration 750 750 750
44,750 42,750 42,750

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