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Stichting Obed ondersteunt het gezinshuis "Casa Nadina" in Ghimbav, Roemenië. 
In Casa Nadina hebben kinderen die door hun ouders zijn achtergelaten in het ziekenhuis een kans om op te groeien in een gezinssituatie.

These children otherwise would have no chance to develop and would be put in an orphanage. The Obed Foundation wants to give these children a chance at normal development. Casa Nadina will provide space for the care of six children. We also hope to be an inspiration for the community, which may result in several family homes in the future. The Obed Foundation also supports existing local projects in the field of development of children in a difficult situation.

In November 2019, the Foundation acquired the current property. With this, a long-term wish of the foundation is fulfilled. To realize the before mentioned obective, investments are needed for the renovation of the current building and the realization of the expansion through new construction. An amount of € 200.000,- is needed, To gather the funds for this will organize new sponsor railles.

Het huis heeft de toepasselijke naam Casa Nadina gekregen, wat "huis van hoop" betekend. Helpt u mee om hoop te kunnen bieden aan deze kinderen en hun omgeving?

You can help our cause by sponsoring one or more m2.

On behalf of the board I thank you for your support,


A. Providing children a safe haven in a family home and providing them the necessary care

B. Guiding children towards an independent future

C. Being source of inspiration for the environment resulting in additional family homes

D. Supporting local projects in Romania

E. The acquisition of funds for the above-mentioned purposes and all that is connected to these purposes

Vision and Objectives

A. Expanding and renovating the current building

B. Providing the necessary care to the children

C. Offering the children proper education.

D. Setting up a network of regular donors for the fixed costs

E. Searching for sponsors for the renovation and expansion of the building

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