Will you please help us to make these operations possible?

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To make sure Ana uses her entire soles of her feet while walking requires 4 operations, two on both feet / lower legs and in addition intensive physiotherapy. These are the expected costs of the operations and revalidation:

Operation 1 and 2 on both legs: € 2.600, -

Operation 3 right foot: € 3,225

Operation 4 left foot: € 2,150

Rehabilitation physiotherapy: € 500 (estimate based on 12 weeks physiotherapy, 3 x p / w)

Total costs € 8.475, -

It would be great if we can raise enough funding to make this possible!
You can get a transfer your donation to the IBAN number of Stichting Obed: NL89 RABO 0302 4139 95 o.v.v. operation Ana

For more information, please contact Danny or Rianne Kommer via [email protected]