Beautiful proceeds 1st sale day Roos Fashion for the Obed Foundation.

The proceeds of the 1e Roos Fashion's sale day on 21 July for the Obed Foundation raised an amount of € 1,500.

“A wonderful amount according to the chairman of the Obed Dick Verlaan foundation”.

Gera and Trudy van Roos Fashion support the work of the Obed Foundation with this amount. The amount will be added to the amount collected by the bicycle sponsorship. This enables the foundation to achieve the objective of renovating the current building and starting the expansion by means of new construction. In the current building, the Foundation now offers permanent shelter to 3 abandoned children. The intention is to take in about 8 abandoned children permanently. The family home is run by Danny and Rianne Kommer who have lived in Romania for 7 years now. For further information see the website of Stichting Obed:

Wednesday 28 July from 10.00 to 17.30 the proceeds of the Roos Fashion sale day will be donated to the Penduka Foundation.

For further information see the website of Roos Fashion:

Roos Fashion's address: Losweg 3 Vorchten.