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This Privacy Policy applies to visitors for anyone visiting the website www.stichtingobed.nl.

1. Management

The website is managed by Foundation www.stichtingobed.nl Obed. Contact details can be found on the aforementioned website.

2. Information on visitors

2a Some data come from one or more visits to www.stichtingobed.nl be permanently stored, but anonymously. The data will never be traced to an individual or organization.
2b Obed Foundation ensures proper security of the stored data.

3. Cookies

3a. The Obed Foundation uses functional cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the visitor's computer by a page of the website. Such a cookie stores information such as certain preferences of the visitor. This makes the site much more user-friendly.

3b. The visitor can decide how to deal with cookies. He or she can configure his browser so that the functional use of cookies is not allowed or partially permits. In the latter case can be set which websites can place functional cookies. All other sites it is then prohibited. This option is provided by the most common modern browsers.

3c. Cookies can always be removed from a computer, again via the browser.

3d. Foundation Obed Analytics uses cookies, which are not the surfing behavior of individuals but of large numbers of visitors - anonymously - processed into graphs and patterns that help us to improve our websites and optimize.

4. Questions

Visitors can ask questions about this Privacy Policy contact Obed Foundation. Contact information is on the website referred to in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy.

5. Disclaimer

Obed Foundation is entitled to change the content of this Privacy Policy without the visitor it is notified. The implementation of the change on the website would suffice.

6. Conditions donations

Acceptance of any promise, gift or donation is at the discretion of Obed Foundation. Obed Foundation does not accept gifts that can not be used or spent for the purpose and mission of the foundation Obed.

Foundation Obed refrain from providing tax advice regarding making donations and encourages donors to previously consult a financial advisor. But Obed Foundation can inform you about possible tax benefits, but you can not rely on it.

Obed Foundation accepts donations in cash. Gifts in kind are accepted at the discretion of Obed Foundation. Inheritances are accepted only beneficially.

Gifts such as real estate, personal property, gifts in kind, not cash and deposits whose source is unclear, or whose use is restricted in some way, should be by the Board prior to acceptance assessed because of the special obligations concluded that the commitments they may present to Obed Foundation.

Obed Foundation will sponsor provided a receipt, which are necessary because of tax requirements for goods received by the Foundation as a gift.
However, except for gifts in cash and securities is attributed no value on the receipt and mention of the gift.

Obed Foundation respects the intent of the donor regarding gift for special purposes and the donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Considering the anonymous donation, the foundation will only share the information with the board concerned, unless required by law.

Obed Foundation gives no compensation through compensation or other means for applying a donor.

You earmarked donations will be used wherever possible to is, provided it accepted destination you specified by the board. If more money than is required retrieved for a destination, this money is reallocated for a similar purpose. The management board shall report on it in the accounts.