Start fundraising for the purchase and remodeling of the Family house

After a long period of preparation, the time has finally come. We would like to proceed to the purchase of the house. This is necessary to ensure that the investments we make in the property are preserved and that the family home can really always be a family home. The current situation in which the property is rented cannot guarantee this. After the property has been purchased, we would like to expand so that a bedroom can be created for each child.

We want to provide a new kitchen, a new bathroom and new electrics to the current building. Also, the property must be made wheelchair accessible. In total, we estimate that € 300,000 is required. Given the plot is 3000m2 which we seek sponsors to sponsor one or more m2 for € 100 per m2. Want to contribute? Please transfer your contribution to NL 89 RABO 0302 413 995 o.v.v. Casa Nadina.