Donors needed

Dear friends of the Obed Foundation,

Dear friends of Obed Foundation, The Corona Virus keeps all our minds occupied! Private and business, but also foundations do notice the consequences! This also applies to the Obed Foundation!
Due to the uncertain times in which we live, companies and institutions are freezing budgets more than before. A logical response as the near-future is quite uncertain.

This certainly has consequences for us as the Obed Foundation! We have to manage a reduction in donations, which makes it difficult to meet our structural financial obligations. We can't even think/plan renovation and expanding the family home in Ghimbav Romaniafor 2020.

The board is therefore urgently seeking new (structural) donors so that we can continue to pay the recurring annual costs. In addition, we also have the obligation to repay the remaining debt of € 30,000 regarding the purchase of the family house to the previous owner within 4 years.

The board remains convinced of the fantastic work that Danny and Rianne do in the family home. We will also do everything we can to ensure that this can continue to exist, even in these challenging times.

We would like to ask you to consider the possibility of supporting us as a (regular) donor! The amount does not have to be large, many small donations can already make a big difference! We are confident that with your support we can pull it off! (example: 100 donors x € 10 per month ensures that we can repay the outstanding € 30,000 within 3 years)

For more information, please contact one of the board members. Of course you can also transfer your donation directly to the bank account number of the foundation. (IBAN NL 89 RABO 0302413995)

Will you help to achieve the goals of the family home?

With gratitude,

The Board:
Dick Verlaan
Daan Klomp
Petra Kleijn