Bicycle action Casa Nadina & Action day Kasteel Vosbergen

(A message from the sheepfold)

“Casa Nadina” (a family home in Romania, owned by the Obed Foundation) offers a safe and loving home to children left behind by their parents in state shelters. The family home currently offers a home to 3 foster/adopted children. The goal is for 6 to 8 abandoned children to live in the family home. In order to realize this vision, a renovation of the existing house and expansion by means of new construction is necessary. Thanks to donations from donors, the foundation was able to acquire ownership of the family home in November 2019. Currently, the house can provide for the current size of the family, but is not (yet) sufficient for the realization of the vision. With the bicycle sponsorship campaign in the summer of 2021, a great amount was raised, so that the structural work of the new-build house has been realized. But we're not there yet... The house needs to be finished and furnished on the inside. That is why the Obed Foundation is organizing a sponsor event at Vosbergen Castle on July 1, 2023. It promises to be a beautiful day with various fun events selling food, ice cream and drinks. In the evening there will be a dressed dinner. The program will be shared soon.

Prior to this sponsor event at Vosbergen Castle, another Casa Nadina Cycling Event will take place! This time the bicycle sponsor campaign will be held in the Netherlands and Rianne Kommer will get on a bicycle, she is the family house parent of Casa Nadina in Romania. We cycle 400 kilometers in four days! Every day we depart from Heerde and the arrival will also be in Heerde. During these four days we will cycle four different routes of 100 kilometers per day through the middle-east of the Netherlands.

Bicycle action data:
• Wednesday 28 June
• Thursday 29 June
• Friday 30 June
• Saturday 1 July with arrival at Kasteel Vosbergen in Heerde, where the sponsor event continues with fun activities for young and old.

Will you help change the lives of abandoned children?

This can be done by cycling on one or more cycling days, you can register via [email protected]. Are you unable to cycle along but would you like to contribute in a different way? You are very welcome on 1 July at Castle Vosbergen in Heerde at the sponsor event. Would you like to transfer a donation? This can be done in the following way:

By bank transfer: NL89 RABO 0302 413 995 Attn. Obed Foundation;
through our website;
Your donations are tax deductible

If you would like more information about the sponsor event, please contact us Just before Christmas, the 1