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A loving home for More children
Danny takes on the enormous challenge of cycling 2,500 kilometers from Ghimbav (RO) to Heerde (NL). This action is intended to collect donations for the renovation of the family home and the expansion by means of new construction.

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On this page you can read more about the bicycle tour from Romania to the Netherlands

In the video below, Danny and Rianne explain why they started a family home.

After a successful donation campaign, the family home became the property of the foundation in 2019. Now that the property is owned, we can work on further realizing the vision. Three children are currently taken into the family through foster care. The wish is to be able to expand this further to 6 to 8 children. In addition, we also notice that it is necessary to prepare children for a situation where they will live on their own. This independence training requires spaces in which this can be put into practice. For this we are now starting fundraising for € 180,000.