Reverse Collection Immanuel. A wonderful initiative!!

On October 30, a wonderful initiative was started in the Immanuel church in Heerde by holding a reverse collection. An initiative of Mirjam Westrik-Nieuwenhuis and Jurgen Zomer.
In this service, members of the congregation/attendants/child could take an envelope with 3 euros from the collection bag with the intention of trying to double/enlarge it. So everyone puts his own action and/or together with others. So use your talents to increase this amount.
On Sunday 27 November there will be a festive service in which there is room to tell each other what actions have been taken and ultimately to announce the total amount.
The initiators have put forward the Obed foundation as a good cause. After all, the foundation is very well known among the members of the congregation and the money can very well be used for the new construction that is now in full swing. The plan is for the structural work to be completed before the end of this year.
The proceeds from the reverse collection will be used to buy roof tiles.
The board of the Obed foundation is very happy with this wonderful initiative. We already see several fun actions that have been set up. And also very curious about the end result.
We can imagine that you, as a reader of our website, are not directly connected to our church and still want to participate in this promotion. A roof tile costs 3 euros. How many roof tiles do you want to sponsor? You can also transfer your donation to the bank account number of the Obed foundation, stating reversal collection roof tiles. Or scan the QR code.
On behalf of the board of the Obed foundation, thank you very much!!

Account number: NL89 RABO 0302 413 995