Proceeds roof tiles action exceeds every expectation!

On Sunday, November 27, during a festive service, the proceeds of the roof tiles campaign for Casa Nadina were announced. And it exceeded every expectation! At the end of the shift, the counter stood at no less than € 9,148.27! Not only does this amount consist of donations received, this is also due to the active efforts of many members of the Immanuel congregation in Heerde. They started 4 weeks ago with a reverse collection. Each member of the congregation received € 3.00 with the instruction to increase this amount. With this fantastic end result!

1,600 roof tiles are needed for the new construction of Casa Nadina. Almost twice as much money came in. The board will come up with a proposal on how the remaining amount will be spent.

The board thanks all generous donors and certainly also the initiators. Fantastic to see all those beautiful initiatives: from baking hamburgers, making Christmas pieces, cards, bracelets, pencil boxes, thrift stores, painted dolls, organizing film evenings and painting courses, etc.

The board hopes that the roof tiles will be laid in early 2023. This depends on the weather conditions in the coming months.