Successful Obed in Action event

On Saturday, July 1, the time had come: our sponsor event Obed in Actie took place at Vosbergen Castle. Despite the rain, visitors enjoyed the market and all other activities. The proceeds are more than expected: no less than 27,500 euros! With this amount, the Casa Nadina family home in Romania can be completed.

During this day there were three major activities. Roos Fashion, for example, organized two fashion shows at the castle. In addition, six amateur bakers competed during Heel Heerde Bakt. Under the watchful eye of the audience and jury, consisting of Herco Veldhuizen and Zineb el Moudden, they made a cake that fits the theme of 'castles'. Harrie Mulder fulfilled the presenter role with verve. The cake of contestant Noa Fokkema received the most points. She is the winner of Heel Heerde Bakt!

At the end of the afternoon, family housemother Rianne Kommer finished her 400-kilometre cycling sponsored tour at the castle. She was warmly welcomed and received the check from Jeanne Kamerlingh Onnes. In the evening the sun broke through and the site turned into a luxury restaurant. The guests enjoyed dinner. The auction items – made available by local entrepreneurs – were also well received. We thank all visitors, volunteers, sellers, fellow cyclists, exhibitors and sponsors for all their contributions! Overwhelming!

Photos: Benno Wonink