Expansion through new construction in full swing.

The expansion by new construction started last month after, to everyone's surprise, a building permit was issued very quickly by the municipality of Ghimbav. The extension by new construction will be realized in front of the current building. The aim is for the structural work to be completed well before the end of this year. It has been calculated that sufficient sponsor resources are available for this. This is thanks to the great proceeds from Danny's bike ride last year. In June he cycled from Ghimbav, his current hometown, to Heerde, his birthplace. 2,500 km in 4 weeks! A major achievement. On several routes he has been joined by cyclists from Heerde and surroundings. who have been royally sponsored!

The board is now busy preparing actions or events in order to obtain sponsorship money for the financing of the furnishing and finishing. The goal is for these to take place next year. Curious about what the board will organize?? We will keep you informed in the newsletters, but also via this website, newspaper articles, etc.