March 26, 2022

The board is pleased that Frits de Breij wants to join the board. Frits is no stranger to foster children. Together with Carla, they have been running a family home in Kampen for many years. They have taken in several children and know the ropes in this area. A wonderful addition to the overall functioning of the board and for the Casa Nadina family home. The proposal to talk to Frits to take a seat on the board comes from Danny and Rianne. Frits immediately responded enthusiastically to the question whether he would like to join the board. He is appointed to the position of general board member, specializing in supporting and advising Danny and Rianne in the entire field of foster children and everything that comes with it for the Casa Nadina family home. After the official formalities have been completed, the board will definitively appoint Frits by means of a board decision. This is expected to take place at a next board meeting (April).