Looking back and looking ahead

The year 2022 is coming to an end. Then it is good to first look back at what has been achieved this year. Because without your indispensable support in the form of your prayer, support and donation, none of this would have been possible.

Here are the main things:

– In January, Andreaa was allowed to return home after hospitalization;

– In May, the municipality of Ghimbav approved the expansion plans through new construction;

– In May, the board was expanded with Frits de Breij. He will use his knowledge and experience as a family home parent specifically for the family home;

– The first stones for the new building were laid in June;

– In August, the procedure was started for the reception of a new reception place in the family home;

– In November, a large roof tile campaign was started for the new building. A great result, because the proceeds can be used to provide 2 roofs with roof tiles!;

– The roof tiles were bought in December so that the roof can be closed quickly!

The board of the Obed Foundation is very happy with your involvement and support! We hope to be able to continue building in 2023 in order to ultimately achieve the goal of permanently sheltering approximately 8 abandoned children in the Casa Nadina family home.

New actions will also be organized in 2023. A special action is now planned for July 8, location castle Vosbergen in Heerde. Make a note of this date because we're going to make it something special! The name of this event is: “Obed in action”.

We wish you very happy and blessed holidays and a prosperous and especially healthy 2023!

The board of the Obed Foundation.