Youth Travel Romania

In een auto stappen om 11 uur, om vervolgens 1,5 dag, bijna 2 dagen later in Roemenië aan te komen. In de auto met jongeren, 1 ding, dat is weinig slapen, veel meezing liedjes waar iedereen lekker opgaat om vervolgens een goed gesprek te hebben over wat dan ook. Om de 2 uur een pauze, beentjes strekken, eten, nog meer …

Foster care for Andreea and Ana assigned.

On 24 and 26 June, the court and foster care for Andreea Ana assigned Danny and Rianne. Great news where we are with z 'n all have anxiously awaited. also means for the girls that there is certainty that they can stay in this family!

Sponsor sought for medical expenses.

The budget for medical costs has long been insufficient to cover the cost for Ana and Andreea. We are looking for a sponsor monthly € 75, - to contribute so that we are able medical care that is urgently needed to keep on giving. Who is in?? many thanks on behalf of the girls!

Financial statements 2018

The Board has prepared the financial statements for 2018 and adopted at a board meeting. This can be read under the chapter Board. If there are questions you can directly contact one of the board members. Enjoy reading!

Reformed congregation Mastenbroek - s-Heerenbroek.

The Reformed Church Mastenbroek - 's-Heerenbroek the Easter collection for our Foundation Obed. A total of € 1496.95 retrieved. Their Romania committee has decided to double this amount. There is a total of € 2993.90 paid to our Foundation. Amazing and the board is very pleased with this gift!


The Genemuiden of Hope4Kids project we are committed to providing a better future for underprivileged children from Romania, who still live in poverty, without any prospect of an education or work. They included one or more times a year in a Dutch host family and experience what may constitute a family life. With ...

Children of Ds. Maas School in action for playground

The children of Ds. of Maasschool made in April from Wapenveld fruit sticks and everyone was there to make a donation. A total of € 192.25 was collected. Awesome!! The money is used to make a play (treehouse) for the children of Danny and Rianne.

New banners flyers and business cards

Printshop van der Most. has unselfishly new flyers, banners and business cards printed. Great that delivers Heerden company contribute in this way to further build and support of family.

New website online

After months of preparation, the new website went online last week. Kris Thomson KJHosting has created a new website. Great that his professionalism in building site has resulted in a clear and whole new look. A must for any company that wants to present itself innovative.

Employees of Univé

Univé employees may annually € 250, - donate to charity. 5 employees have decided to donate this sum to our foundation! Awesome!!